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Terminal Design Services

Get the foundation for your future right. 

Building a new terminal, changing operational mode, or renewing your current operations is a demanding and risky task, which is why you want a knowledgeable and experienced partner. Kalmar Terminal Design Services, with more than 250 projects delivered globally over the last 15 years, provides a full range of design services to help you realize your ambitions and improve the capacity and flow of cargo through your terminal. With a full range of design services, our team can help you get the foundation for your future right.

Get your project right, before breaking ground.

Together with the Kalmar Terminal Design Services team, you will be able to look at different design scenarios that match your requirements, qualify your preferred layout with full operational and business case calculations, and create simulations to validate the design. Together, we will make sure your final design meets your investment criteria, giving you the best solution and design for your current and future operational needs.

Investigate your options.

Undergoing a major redevelopment project means you need to investigate all of your terminal layout design options for the terminal footprint, prior to deciding which one best meets your business objectives. The Kalmar team will work with you to go through each of your options by preparing a high-level layout for each. An estimate of the terminal capacity of each layout option will be calculated, so you can make a more informed decision.

Qualify your design.

Identifying your preferred design is only half the story. Making sure that it will achieve its financial targets is critical. Once you have chosen your preferred design, the Kalmar team can work with you to look at it in more detail and create a high-level project plan. This plan will include more detailed terminal capacity calculations and fleet size estimates. Based on this information, a full business case, with calculations including CAPEX, OPEX, and ROI analysis at a premium level, can be developed. Giving you the information you need to take the next step in your decision-making process.

Simulate your design.

Once you have your preferred terminal design and the right financial numbers to support your chosen design, the Kalmar team can prepare a working simulation, enabling you to validate the agreed upon design as if it were fully operational. This interactive 3D model will enable you to simulate real-life scenarios and stress test your preferred design to ensure it meets all of your requirements prior to commissioning the build. Furthermore, the 3D simulation model facilitates easy creation of 3D videos. These can be used to visualize the project in its final form for the terminal stakeholder groups before anything is realized on site.