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Solutions for material handling in forestry.

Forestry industry requires the optimal combination of eco-efficient equipment, automation and services.

The forestry industry has demanding equipment requirements, with machines often operating around the clock in multiple shifts and in all weather conditions; ensuring uptime is therefore a priority in order to maintain productivity levels.

Operators in this segment are increasingly adopting eco-efficient solutions, particularly electrically powered equipment, in order to improve the sustainability of their operations. Automation is another significant driver for change, along with the need to increase productivity and improve safety with the help of innovative digital solutions.

We can help you to achieve your sustainability goals by providing technological expertise combined with eco-efficient equipment solutions powered by the latest battery technologies. We also have the technical and operational capabilities to allow you to focus on your core business by supplying equipment, tools, maintenance services and professional resources to handle your selected logistic processes.

Pulp non-fiction

Södra, the Swedish forest-owners cooperative, has gone from being a buyer of oil to a net producer of electricity. By 2030, their aim is to be fossil-free. Kalmar’s electric forklift trucks are helping them to reach that target.

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Li-ion’s roar

Kalmar to introduce 9-18 ton electric forklifts powered by lithium-ion.

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