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Reach new heights of productivity

Kalmar reachstackers are designed to help your operations – and your entire business – reach new heights of productivity. Combining our extensive experience in material and container handling with our innovative cargo-handling technology, Kalmar reachstackers offer high performance throughout the entire operating cycle, user-friendly operation, low running costs, and excellent environmental performance.

We offer the industry’s widest equipment portfolio, with models for every application. There are currently more than 8,000 Kalmar reachstackers operating in over 160 countries around the world

Eco Reachstacker

Eco Reachstacker

Increasing fuel costs and tougher emissions standards means you need a solution that is leaner and greener, while still maintaining the highest levels of operational productivity. The Kalmar Eco Reachstacker provides you with an eco-efficient solution that is guaranteed to use significantly less fuel than other reachstackers.

Gloria Reachstacker

Gloria Reachstacker

Our Gloria reachstacker is the result of all the years of experience we’ve gathered ever since we pioneered the world’s first commercial reachstacker. Now we’ve taken it a step further, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Because the most important thing we’ve learned through all these years is that it all comes down to one thing: keeping your business on the move, no matter what.

DRG100-120 Gloria for empty container handling

Reachstacker for Empty Container Handling

A reachstacker for empty and semi-laden container handling. With the Kalmar DRG100-120 you can handle all types of containers (standard ISO, reefers, tanks, specials and flat racks) precisely and safely.