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Kalmar SmartPath boosts efficiency at Malta Freeport

We aim to continue on this path by implementing more options from the SmartPort suite. Jesmond Baldacchine, ICT Manager Malta Freeport



Kalmar SmartPath supports Malta Freeport in achieving its ambitious growth targets by enabling more efficient, accurate and timely workflows.



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Boosting equipment efficiency at Malta Freeport

The challenge

To support its growth targets, Malta Freeport is aiming to achieve premium performance levels by optimizing its processes. The company found that for its terminal tractor operations, manual job-step information being entered too early or too late was making the dispatch process inefficient. With available land area a constraining factor, improving efficiency was the only way to increase the terminal’s throughput.

The solution

Kalmar SmartPath helps Malta Freeport accommodate higher volumes by boosting equipment efficiency. Terminal tractor drivers no longer need to input job-step data manually, as the system provides automatic job status updates and consistent, accurate data on equipment, along with container positions. In combination with Navis Prime Route, it also reduces truck idle time and driving distance, thus cutting operational costs.

The results

Malta Freeport first implemented the visualization tool, which gives operators an accurate picture of the position of assets and containers in the terminal. Following this, the job-stepping feature was installed to automate the provision of job status updates. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, and Malta Freeport is planning to expand process automation with further options from the SmartPort suite, such as SmartStack and SmartLift.