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“I really like the cabin, it’s comfortable and you have an excellent view through the curved window. The hydraulics are sensitive and follow my every move.” PATRICK KOPPERS, FORKLIFT DRIVER DFDS SEAWAYS B.V.


Forklift trucks

Name: DFDS Seaways B.V.
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Capacity: The terminal handles 900 trailers per day
Kalmar fleet: 2 x DCG160-12

In Europe’s busiest port every second matters

Handling different kind of breakbulk requires a versatile forklift with precise maneuverability.

The challenge

The DFDS terminal in Rotterdam handles 900 trailers per day. From Rotterdam DFDS´s RoRo ships depart to Felixstowe and Immingham, England. The trailers are loaded with all kinds of breakbulk, such as wood, steel and paper. Roughly 30 trailers per day needs to be unloaded to Mafi trailers before loaded onto RoRo ships. Each trailer weighs on average 28 ton and needs to be unloaded rapidly in order to move the goods onto the waiting ships.

The solution

DFDS purchased in 2015 two of Kalmar´s G-generation medium range forklifts with16 ton capacity to handle the breakbulkfrom the trailers. These versatile machinesare capable of handling all kinds of loadsfrom chipboards to steel.
–“We choose Kalmar for their strongreliability and rigid machines” says Tigran van der Linden, TSW & Assets Manager. The machines have now been operational for nearly one year and are well appreciated by DFDS drivers for their comfort and sensitive hydraulics.

The results

The two medium range forklifts handle close to 1000 ton of breakbulk material per day, with DFDS non-stop operations this means 365.000 ton breakbulk per year. Forklift driver Patrick Koppers says;– “I really like the cabin, its comfortable and you have an excellent view through the curved window. The hydraulics are sensitive follow my every move.” To ensure high performance the two machines are regularly serviced by Kalmar Netherlands local service organization.