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29 March - 1 April 2015 Navis World 2015
21 - 24 April 2015 Transrussia 2015
21 - 22 April 2015 Port & Terminal Technology
21 - 22 April 2015 TOC ASIA 2015
28 - 30 April 2015 Multimodal 2015
5 - 8 May 2015 Transport Logistic 2015
12 - 14 May 2015 TransCaspian 2015


Our comprehensive offering covers the full range of cargo handling applications, and sets the industry benchmark for energy efficiency, reliability, and operator comfort. Kalmar equipment provides the best value and the lowest operational lifetime cost in the industry. Read more >>


We are the industry forerunner in terminal automation, providing a wide range of process and equipment automation solutions. Our goal is to help you improve safety and efficiency in your operations, through the seamless integration of terminal processes. Read more >>


We provide worldwide service and support for all brands of cargo-handling equipment in ports, terminals, distribution centers, and heavy-industry applications. With more than 1,500 service staff in 100 countries, we are always close to you, making sure your business never stops. Read more >>

DP World London Gateway

Kalmar automation solutions are at the heart of DP World London Gateway. With a final annual capacity of 3.5 million TEU, it focuses on automation to deliver optimum productivity and reduced operational costs.

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DP World Brisbane

DP World and Kalmar’s cooperation has made the Port of Brisbane one of the most highly automated facilities in the world. Automation will enable an increase in the terminal’s annual capacity from 600,000 to 900,000 TEU, and will improve customer service.

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SCA Logistics, Rotterdam

A Kalmar Complete Care agreement provides comprehensive service and maintenance for SCA Logistics' two ship-to-shore cranes, including all maintenance-related tasks, spares delivery, and 24/7 on-call support.

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BMW logistics center, Germany

Delivering vital car parts to their destination according to schedule demands accurate timing and perfect coordination. BMW’s logistics center relies on Kalmar reachstackers and terminal tractors to keep things running like clockwork.

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Join the future Port 2060 community

Our mission for future port:

By 2060, all ports run on renewable energy with zero carbon emissions, and their productivity has tripled compared to 2013.

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Sustainable terminal automation

17 March 2015 Ilkka Annala

A conversion to automation is a significant undertaking that requires deep technical expertise as well as a capacity to...

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A new twist on automated container handling

6 March 2015 Peter Rydberg

Automation is rapidly gaining ground in container terminals of all sizes. Process automation ensures optimal cargo flows...

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Sustainable development is a bridge to future business

26 November 2014 Jari Hämäläinen

The environment, economy and society are key aspects of sustainability. Sustainable development will enable us to meet our...

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Digitalisation – incremental development or disruption?

14 November 2014 Matti Sommarberg

Over the past few years, we have seen the reshaping of many business models that have existed for centuries. If this sounds...

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More than just compliance in dry bulk handling

30 October 2014 Lars-Eric Lundgren

There is little doubt that the regulatory footprint in place to limit the environmental impact of dry bulk handling...

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Interesting times for the container shipping industry

1 July 2014 Frank Kho

China blocks the P3 Network mega-alliance, but the challenges facing the container shipping business still remain. Image:...

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Greening ports with LNG

3 June 2014 Stefan B. Johansson

LNG has been powering thousands of vehicles around the world for decades. Port container terminals are now jumping on the...

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Automation potential for brownfield terminals

29 April 2014 Elmar Hendriks

Automating a greenfield (newly built) terminal from scratch is often what comes to mind when discussing automated terminals....

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Generation Z is coming – are you ready?

27 January 2014 Jari Hämäläinen

This is an imaginary story looking back from the year 2024. It highlights the generation gap, as well as the opportunities...

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No single organisation can get us into the next century

3 December 2013 Matti Sommarberg

Companies have come a long way since industrialisation, through continuous refinement of their operations together with other...

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