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Crane upgrade and modernization

Improve your performance

Kalmar is a leading and global provider of crane upgrade services, with more than 100 years of experience helping customers all over the world enhance the performance of their equipment. Our upgrade solutions include heightening, boom extension and electrification, and are delivered through our regional business centers.

A cost-effective way to boost performance

Our proven solutions can boost equipment performance and extend its lifetime by utilizing your existing assets.

There are several different options for enhancing the performance of STS, RTG, RMG cranes and straddle carriers. Kalmar experts work with you to understand your needs and carry out a detailed assessment of your equipment to identify the most appropriate solutions.

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Crane heightening

The trend towards larger vessels, driven by the demand for a lower cost per container move, is impacting quay crane performance. The ability of your terminal to serve larger vessels may be limited by the height of your existing equipment. Our solutions will allow you to utilize your current assets to expand your capability and performance.

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Fuel-saving systems

Reducing fuel costs is becoming increasingly important in the container-handling industry. Port authorities are striving to reduce emissions and are thereby lowering the acceptable emission levels for diesel engines. RTG’s represent more than 50% of the total fuel consumption for a typical port. We electrify, existing RTG’s of any brand, with a connection to electrical grid. We can offer a full turnkey project, including management, engineering, supply and on-site installation. We can find the best solution that meets your operational needs.

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Modernization of electrical systems

Equipment that has outdated electrical systems can impact your daily operations and performance. We can reduce downtime caused by a lack of obsolete spare parts, and can offer solutions for complete modernization of electrical systems.

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Lifetime extension

Based on the additional number of moves you require and the condition of your crane equipment, using stress and fatigue calculations we can specify and install any necessary reinforcements.

Stacker platform

Our stacker platform design allows stacking  to be carried out in a safer and healthier environment away from ground level. At the same time it will also increase the efficiency of your operations. Various options are available to further increase safety and can even include semi-automated solutions.

Increased working load

We offer various solutions for increasing the working load of your cranes, including a lightweight trolley replacement and structural improvements.

Rail-span or crane-width modifications

We can support you in adjusting the rail span of a crane, for example in preparation for relocation to a new location with a different quay layout. Potential modifications can include span increase or reduction. Our experts work with you to specify the optimal solution for your needs.

Increased speeds

We are also able to improve the performance of your crane equipment through modifications to increase hoisting and travelling speeds, depending on the type and condition of your cranes.