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Kalmar Training Academy

Global training services for Kalmar equipment

We provide technical training for customers, dealers and Kalmar employees worldwide.

Maximize productivity and reduce costs

We provide technical, driving and systems training on our terminal and industrial equipment for Kalmar customers, employees and dealers from all over the world. Combining theory and practice, our courses ensure that operators and technicians are properly prepared to perform their work efficiently and safely. Proper training makes a significant contribution to cutting operating and maintenance costs and maximizing efficiency.


Technical training

Technical training courses take place at our own training centers and combine theory and practice to ensure that technicians are properly prepared to solve all the potential issues they may face in their daily work, from scheduled maintenance to troubleshooting and repairs.



Kalmar EcoDriving training teaches drivers new techniques that will reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear on tires and components and, therefore, your overall maintenance costs.
See how much you could save with our online savings calculator.


Systems training

Our systems training courses focus separately on the hydraulics, control, electrical and other systems used in Kalmar equipment.

See our full range of courses and ask for a training quotation at the Kalmar Academy website.