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Optimizing your operation

Cut total cost of ownership and drive efficiencies.

Take your operations to the next level by extending the lifetime of your equipment fleet and reducing your total cost of ownership. You can turn your data into actionable insights with the Kalmar Insight performance optimisation and management tool, optimise your crane equipment with our comprehensive range of upgrade and modernisation services, and improve the skills of your personnel with courses from the Kalmar Training Academy.

Kalmar Insight.

Turn your data into actionable insights with the Kalmar Insight performance optimisation and management tool. Kalmar Insight helps you make smarter decisions and optimise your operational planning and execution by providing your key user groups with a real-time overview of your terminal’s productivity and performance.

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Equipment upgrades.

Extend the life of your equipment, increase safety and boost your operational efficiency with our range of upgrades for various equipment types and brands.

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Crane upgrades and modernisation.

Lift the performance of your cranes to new heights with our upgrades and modernisations – all designed to boost performance and extend lifetime. We offer several different options for enhancing the performance of ship-to-shore (STS), rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) and rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes as well as straddle carriers.

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Crane heightening.

Extend your terminal’s capabilities and optimise performance by heightening your STS or RTG cranes as well as straddle carriers. We can also extend the reach of STS cranes by lengthening the boom to allow them to serve wider vessels as well as analyse loadings to determine the optimal way to extend the equipment’s lifetime.

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RTG electrification.

Converting your RTGs from diesel to electric delivers not only substantial cost savings, but environmental benefits too. It is also the first step on the road to automated terminal solutions.

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STS crane relocation.

Relocating a ship-to-shore (STS) crane can be a complex and risky process, but with our world-class engineering expertise and project management skills you can be confident that your relocation project will be completed safely and smoothly.

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Kalmar Training Academy.

Well-trained personnel make a significant contribution to cutting your operating and maintenance costs – and maximising efficiency. The courses provided through the Kalmar Training Academy combine theory and practice to ensure that operators and technicians are properly prepared to perform their work safely and efficiently.

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