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Kalmar Parts Care

Get the right part when it matters.

Kalmar Parts Care provides you with end-to-end visibility of your current spare parts processes by assessing your installed spare parts base and operational data. Through this analysis we can then offer you a plan, which will improve the availability of spare parts, make your spare parts management more efficient, free up working capital and we can also share the inventory management risk.

Choose the plan that is right for your business. 

Whether you need guaranteed parts availability at a fixed price, or want to have parts automatically delivered, we have a plan that is suited to your needs. We offer three different plans to meet your needs; Essential, Complete and Optimal.

Parts Essential Care
Guarantees the shipping of agreed spare parts in 24 hours.

Parts Complete Care
Gives you an agreement with a fixed monthly price for the agreed spare parts consumption of your installed base.

Parts Optimal Care
Orders spare parts automatically based on the remote monitoring data of your equipment


No matter which plan you choose, you will benefit from less equipment downtime as the right part will always be on hand.