Kalmar Insight

Introducing Kalmar Insight.

Everyday your business generates vast quantities of data from multiple sources that is not being used to its full potential. Being able to make sense of this big data and harness its power is the challenge, which is why, Kalmar has designed a new performance management and optimization tool Kalmar Insight. For the first time terminal operators will have a real-time view of their terminals productivity and performance as it is actually occurring.

Making sense of big data.

Kalmar Insight will be able to aggregate your operational business data from your equipment fleet, Terminal Operating System (TOS) and Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) into an accessible and understandable format, giving you a holistic view of your entire operations at all times.

Kalmar Insight provides dashboards for four different user groups.


Operations Management.

Kalmar Insight provides real-time productivity and operational overviews of your terminal, allowing you to take immediate actions to remove bottle necks. You can also review historical data which, when combined with real-time data, can help you make decisions that can help optimize your productivity.

Maintenance Management.

By sharing your Maintenance Management System information through Kalmar Insight, the Maintenance Manager and Operations Manager can jointly plan operations efficiently, ensuring fleet availability at the right time.

Health and Safety Officers.

Kalmar Insight allows HSE officers to easily see recent and historical incidents, accidents and machine events in both map and timeline views. In addition, you can add in additional information not captured in the system to create a single view of each item.

Senior Management.

With Kalmar Insight your senior management will be able to access performance reports instantly by shift, day, week or month. This will allow management to identify long term productivity and cost trends, on which instant actions can be taken to improve overall operations.