STS and RTG crane heightening

Raise your cranes – and your capabilities – to new heights

Crane heightening allows you to expand your capability and performance for a by utilizing your existing assets. Kalmar has the know-how and global capability to heighten any brand of STS crane. Typically, lifting height can be increased by up to four container heights. The crane’s reach can also be extended at the same time. If space at your port is limited  we can help you to expand vertically with an RTG heightening. 

Crane jacking

Our specialist jacking equipment can be used to jack up any size of crane safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Before jacking begins, our specialist team begins by checking crane strength and stability, which is influenced by wind loads, quay loading and load-spreading requirements. You will receive a document describing the process in detail, highlighting the measures we take to ensure safety throughout the jacking process.

RTG and straddle-carrier heightening

Increasing the height of existing RTGs, RMGs and straddle carriers makes vertical expansion of your port possible without taking up more space. Kalmar’s proven expertise in this type of project has helped customers around the world increase their capacity by increasing the container stacking height.

STS heightening

We have performed close to 100 STS  heightening and boom extension upgrades for customers all around the world.

The engineering process

First we make detailed design and engineering calculations for the crane structure, and then define the required heavy-lifting solutions and produce the fabrication drawings. Kalmar takes care of all engineering activities either in-house or in close cooperation with its crane-engineering partners. Based on the final fabrication drawings and the chosen jacking and relocation solution, local subcontractors are chosen to carry out the work.

Crane lifetime extension

Typically, cranes that are heightened are between five and fifteen years old. The average STS crane lifetime is around 25 years, depending on the number of moves it performs per year. Extending the lifetime of your crane at the same time as increasing its height means that you can spread the investment over a longer period. Kalmar experts can analyze crane loadings to determine weak points where cracks are likely to form, or where small cracks may already exist. Reinforcing these points can increase the lifetime of your STS crane by one to two million moves. A normal STS crane is designed for one to four million moves.