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Are you looking to gain experience during your studies or find your first job after graduating? We offer students and recent graduates inspiring and flexible job opportunities in a global business environment.


How two students from Hamburg built the basis for a national recruitment network

As part of an internship, our task was to develop a marketing concept to build awareness of Kalmar at universities and colleges in order to create the basis for a national recruiting network in Germany. 

During our work, we had to analyze crucial parts of the company and do an analysis of our target groups, which was thrilling because we had to focus on students of the same age and field of study as us. Furthermore, we traveled to universities that we had, based on our analysis, previously defined as potential cooperation partners. In those meetings, we represented Kalmar and worked out how we, as a company, could work together with the universities. Finally, we were able to present a concept to our management, which will be used to build a national recruitment network in Germany and develop comparable projects throughout Europe.

 Although the internship was only 8 to 12 weeks, when we left the company, we were packed with tons of new knowledge, knowing that our work had taken the company another step forward.


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Keep a look out for Kalmar activities at your school or university

We collaborate with educational institutions all over the world in a variety of ways. For example, we have on-site representation at selected institutions, give lectures, provide guest speakers, and offer business cases for master’s theses.

We also offer internships in several countries every year. The available internships depend on the competencies needed within the organization. In the US and Europe, we take part in careers fairs to meet potential candidates face-to-face. In Hong Kong, our marketing and communications department has summer internship arrangements with a local management college.

In Poland, we sign flexible agreements with trainees, who are usually technical university graduates. In Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, we cooperate with selected universities to find suitable candidates for permanent roles and summer jobs, and to arrange case studies, for example. Every year, we invite groups of students to different sites to introduce them to Kalmar and show them our manufacturing facilities.


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