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“I’m proud of my team’s passion and commitment.”

Magdalena Wojtowicz

Sourcing Manager, MAU Stargard, Poland

I started my career in Kalmar as a Sourcing Project Manager during the early development phase of the Stargard greenfield project, and was later promoted to Sourcing Manager. I am lucky to be surrounded by passionate people. Sourcing work is highly cross-functional, as we work with external suppliers and internal customers.

As the leader of the Sourcing and Supplier Development team, I set the direction for the supply chain in Eastern Europe. I establish targets and develop performance measures along with best sourcing practices, keeping a constant focus on team competence development.

The biggest challenge I face in my work is dealing with change while meeting high customer expectations. Just like steering a sailing boat, inch-by-inch adjustments in the direction are the best way to maintain stability and sustainable growth.

The best part of my job is the work I do with people, and specifically the opportunities I have to nurture individuals through coaching and mentoring. Kalmar’s global environment provides a lot of career opportunities, and we have a great working culture, great people, and great products.

Maintaining a work-life balance is always challenging, since I truly enjoy my work. Nevertheless, my balance is kept naturally, since I have a baby girl who doesn’t let my attention stay on work alone!

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