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Kalmar SmartPort boosts efficiency at Malta Freeport

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Industrial maintenance in the digital age – will flying cars become a reality?

One of my all-time favorite visions of the future is the dream of a flying car. The Wright Brothers got the Wright Flyer in the air in 1903. The Ford Model T was launched in 1908, soon followed by Glenn Curtiss’ introduction of his autoplane. The dream of a flying car was born. The autocar looked the part, although saying it actually flew was a stretch as it did not actually fly, rather bounced off the ground for short periods of time.

Taking the guesswork out of maintenance

Kalmar has made it easier for users of all types of equipment to keep on top of their maintenance schedules by developing an automated method of planning and coordinating maintenance work.

A comprehensive approach to optimum maintenance

Equipment issues can be resolved before they arise if a fleet is able to communicate automatically with its maintenance team. This is already possible today, and it will become even more common in the future. Kalmar is prepared for the rapid coming changes.

Broekman Logistics on the move

Kalmar’s eco efficient reachstackers are helping supply chain provider Broekman Logistics increase efficiency and reduce costs as well as supporting its medium and long term business objectives.

Future-proofing automated RTG operations at Dublin Ferryport Terminals

The Kalmar AutoRTG system is the dynamic, efficient heart of the container terminal operations at Dublin Ferryport Terminals (DFT). DFT recently decided to extend its cooperation with Kalmar with the addition of two new automated cranes that will further enhance the safety and efficiency of DFT’s operations.

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