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Terminal tractors for distribution handling

Designed for special requirements

Fast duty-cycles are a top priority of busy distribution terminal operators. Kalmar’s distribution tractors are designed to operate effectively and efficiently in terminal surroundings. Fast turnaround times, low operating costs, excellent maneuverability, unique comfort, easily accessible service points, and reliability are all combined in Kalmar distribution tractors, creating a solution providing superior safety, visibility, and working comfort.

Experience enables better solutions

Kalmar is the world’s leading manufacturer of terminal tractors, delivering more than 60,000 units globally over the years. Our extensive experience, in-depth technological expertise, innovative R&D, and close co-operation with customers have all been reflected in developing distribution tractors. Every detail in the machine has been carefully planned to improve productivity and make better use of yard space in the distribution terminal. Compared to conventional over-the-road trucks – often used in distribution terminals – purpose-built tractors can turn around trailers at least three times as quickly, according to a survey that Kalmar has undertaken in co-operation with its customers.

Cost-effective answer

Thanks to its simple and innovative design, the Kalmar distribution tractor is a very cost-effective solution. The machine has been developed especially to move trailers over short distances. As operators face ever-rising fuel costs, Kalmar has engineered distribution tractors to feature engines with low fuel consumption and minimal harmful emissions.

Improved visibility

All-round visibility is vital in terminal surroundings. Drivers will enjoy a wide, clear view in every direction, thanks to, for instance, the TT612d’s unique windshield and side glass design featuring no A-pillars and repositioning of mirror posts.

Superior usability

Kalmar’s distribution tractors have been designed to meet the needs of the busy terminal operator. The distribution tractor’s cabin combines simplicity, a generous working space, and an ergonomic layout, in an attractive and comfortable working environment – a key element in operator productivity.

Smallest turning radius

Kalmar distribution tractors offer superior maneuverability in restricted spaces, with the smallest turning radius of any distribution tractor – only six meters. Steering is easy, precise, and rapid. The hydraulic system provides fast lifting and lowering of the fifth wheel without the need for the driver to leave the vehicle to raise or drop the trailer’s landing gear.

Ergonomic and functional

Safety has been taken into account in every aspect of Kalmar’s distribution tractors. For instance, the TT612d model’s rear deck – the workspace between the cabin and trailer – is the largest on the market, making connecting and disconnecting cables and hoses much easier, as well as facilitating safe movements even in poor and wet conditions. The TT612d also features wide stairways on both sides of the rear deck, and a side door that can be used when a trailer is blocking the rear door.

Kalmar is the industry’s only manufacturer offering the tall cab concept for its distribution tractors. The height of the cab and the sliding rear door, combined with only one low step separating the cabin from the rear deck, ensures easy, smooth entry and exit for the driver.

The Kalmar distribution tractor’s cab is spacious and comfortable, with excellent headroom and legroom. The driving environment has been carefully designed, with all controls conveniently placed and visibility improved in what is also a very quiet cabin.

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