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Reachstackers for industrial handling

The flexible choice for lifting your business

Our reachstackers for industrial handling are designed to improve the efficiency and safety of any lifting task. The innovative boom design with excellent rotation, and the wide range of attachment options mean Kalmar machines can be adapted for a huge variety of applications, including steel handling, wind-turbine construction, and other demanding heavy-lifting tasks. For example, our in-depth understanding of the complex logistics in the rapidly growing wind energy industry has helped us deliver equipment tailored for lifting hubs, blades, towers, and nacelles.

The most extensively tested machines in the world are made by Kalmar. 

In all kinds of material-handling demands, we combine experience with innovation and a reputation for reliability and quality.


  • Industrial handling ”A-range”
  • Tool Carrier 110,200 lbs. or Lift Hook 132,200 lbs.
  • Steel, wind, concrete, heavy lifts 

Kalmar in wind power

Transporting hubs, blades, towers, and nacelles is challenging. Our reachstackers are a reliable and flexible tool for a wide range of operations within the wind power sector, and can be fitted with our specialist attachment that makes lifting safe and easy. 

Kalmar in steel handling

Long shifts, heavy loads, and high accessibility demands mean steel-handling solutions must be robust and versatile. Our reachstackers can all be customized to handle steel, which is why so many businesses in the sector choose Kalmar.

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Roland, Germany

To ensure the uninterrupted loading and unloading of block trains from Germany and Italy – up to 400 containers per day – Roland Umschlag depends on a large fleet of Kalmar equipment.

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Egon Evertz KG, Germany

Kalmar custom-built the world’s biggest reachstacker for German company Egon Evertz KG’s specialist steel slab handling needs.

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Stockholms Hamnar (Port of Stockholm)

Ports of Stockholm, one of the top five container terminals in Sweden, wanted an upgraded fleet, a better work environment for drivers, and improved fuel consumption. They got all that – and more.

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BMW logistics center, Germany

Delivering vital car parts to their destination according to schedule demands accurate timing and perfect coordination. BMW’s logistics center relies on Kalmar reachstackers and terminal tractors to keep things running like clockwork.

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