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Kalmar empty container handlers

Our range of empty container handlers delivers market-leading strength and stability to ensure precise yet straightforward positioning of containers. The flexible design includes side spreaders for twist-lock (single stacking) or hook (double stacking) handling. Every single element – the lifting mast (also known as the boom), chassis, and side spreader – is designed for maximum strength and stability. We provide three basic capacities of 17,600 lbs, 19,800 lbs. or 22,000 lbs., for a total stacking height of up to 8+1 containers.

Our empty container handler offering includes solutions for both single and double stacking at different lifting heights, with twist-lock and hook attachment options for load handling. The twist-hook attachment enables easy and fast load leveling for single stacking, while the hook attachment allows double stacking for increased efficiency.

CDM, Munich

Container Depot München (CDM) operators praise the efficiency and comfort of Kalmar's new Empty Container Handler.

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Europe Container Terminals (ECT)

European Container Terminals operates 13 Kalmar reachstackers and four empty container handlers at its inland terminals, covered by a five-year maintenance agreement. The equipment provides high lifting capacity and superior environmental performance

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Roland, Germany

To ensure the uninterrupted loading and unloading of block trains from Germany and Italy – up to 400 containers per day – Roland Umschlag depends on a large fleet of Kalmar equipment.

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