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Forklift trucks 40,000-117,000 lbs.

When your business demands equipment that’s ready for the heaviest, most challenging lifting operations, Kalmar’s heavy-duty forklifts offer everything you need. These powerful, reliable trucks are trusted by customers all around the world for their reliability, flexibility, and precision in a wide variety of terminal and heavy-industry applications.

A vital part of your logistics, DCG180-330

No chain is stronger than its weakest link,as the saying goes. Nothing could be more true when it comes to managing heavy or bulky components between the key stages of the logistic value chain.

The sheer weight of thousands of pounds lifted each day wears the mechanics and the materials. Yet the forklift must perform flawlessly every day of the week. Reliably, productively, safely. Your forklift is a vital part of your logistics or production. In seamless interaction with a skilled operator, the forklift must meet your – and your customer’s – demands of product quality and delivery precision, throughout your terminal, factory or assembly line.

Designed for maximum productivity

The new Kalmar DCG180-330 heavy forklift will always deliver what your operations require. With the Performance mode activated, operators will have the power necessary to go all-in at every instant and work with maximum productivity. Pushing it hard, while ensuring best-in-class fine-manoeuvring. 

Our Cummins engines are powerful, yet highly fuel efficient. All engine alternatives are compliant with the Tier 4 Final emission standards. 
The variable pumps automatically sense the load in every operation and adjust the oil flow accordingly, allowing for faster lifting cycles up to 40% while reducing fuel consumption. This will improve your productivity a lot depending on number of lift cycles.

Reducing lifetime costs

Purchase price is only one of many factors affecting total cost of ownership. In fact, price is a minor cost factor looking over the lifetime of your forklift.  
What truly matters in the long run is cost control and operational efficiency – and that will show clearly on your bottom line.

Compared to our previous model, the new DCG180-330 uses up to 15% less fuel in standard configuration. By using the optional ECO mode you can save an additional 15%. Add Kalmar’s renowned product quality and reliability, increasing efficiency and uptime, and you see the true value of Kalmar.


Our most productive driving environment ever

For operators, our EGO cabin provides an outstanding driving environment, packed with features that support productivity, efficiency and safety. The curved front and rear windows give exceptional visibility at all angles, particularly diagonally, and the profiled beams eliminate blind spots. The whole interior has been designed with the driver in mind. More or less everything is adjustable to fit all kinds of drivers. For example, the steering wheel can be adjusted in every possible angle; it can even be tilted sideways. Operators will also benefit from a fully integrated, rotatable seat. An Overhead Guard is also available for hot or indoor operations.


Power and precision for the heaviest operations, DCG380-540

For our heaviest range, we are using the proven Kalmar DCG380-540.This heavy forklift range is designed to meet the high performance and reliability demands of heavy-duty handling. These versatile forklifts are the ideal choice for applications with long shifts, heavy loads and where power and precision are both key requirements. Steel mills and busy ports are the natural environment for these powerful machines.  

Operating a powerful machine like this puts high demands on safety and requires excellent all-round visibility. Our common Ego cabin, can be customised with a variety of options to improve safety to meet your specific requirements.

The drivetrain features a Volvo engine, which meets the latest emission requirements. For customers outside the emission-regulated area we also offer Tier 3 engines. 

This latest generation of engines enables a low operating cost and together with a variable hydraulic system, it will further reducing running costs, while maintenance is straight forward thanks to easily accessible service and access points at ground level. 

Power and precision in every detail

Safe operations
The EGO cabin give excellent visibility in all directions. Safety has always been one of Kalmar's top priorities, and this range of machines is no different. The machine can be equipped with a number of options that increase the driver’s safety awareness.

Easy service
All service points on the machine are within easy reach, making service and inspections fast and thorough.

Stabile, versatile control system 
Kalmar’s proven control system is based on fast, robust CAN-bus technology and offers a wide range of possibilities for customizing the truck’s functions.

Powerful lifting equipment 
Our lifting equipment is built for the toughest operations. Every component has been carefully selected to meet the highest standards.

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