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Kalmar Ottawa T2E+ Electric Terminal Tractor, Shunt Truck and Yard Truck

- The time is now to go electric.

Kalmar Ottawa T2E+ Electric Terminal Tractor.

Kalmar’s second generation of electrically powered terminal tractors (also known as shunt or yard trucks) are available globally and will help improve the eco-efficiency of your operations while maintaining the highest levels of productivity and safety. With a range of modular battery options and charging solutions, we can work with you to design a solution that will deliver for your business.

The New Era of Electrification

Listen to our experts sharing their insights on the Kalmar Ottawa Electric T2E+ Terminal Tractor and the impact on the business' operations.

Technical information

Technical info Specifications T2E+
Lifting capacity (kg)
37, 50, 70, 90 Tons (GcW MAx)
Wheel base (mm)
3200, 3450mm
Electric Driveline
152kWh, 184kWh
Lifting Height (mm)
431, 813, 990

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this the best electrically powered terminal tractor?

There are three big differences, and many small ones, that make our new generation of electrically powered terminal tractors the best. You will benefit from:

Charging time cut in half. Our first big change has been to incorporate a DC FastCharge System, which has allowed us to cut charging time in half.

No more transmission. The second is that we have removed the transmission from the driveline, moving to a direct drive solution where the electric motor powers the drive axle, reducing the complexity of the driveline.

Ability to operate in extreme temperatures. Thirdly we have included an Active Thermal Management System, which will allow your electric terminal tractor to operate optimally at full power in extreme temperatures.

What models are available?

There are four models available for you to choose from:

  • two specifically designed for distribution applications (including an on-road certified version available for North America - DOT approved)
  • two for container ports and terminals

Do I get a choice of batteries and chargers?

  • There are two different charging solutions available with charging capacities of 24-180kW.
  • Either 152kWh or 184kWh batteries.

How eco-efficient is an electric terminal tractor?

Being electrically powered, your terminal tractor, yard or shunt truck will produce zero carbon emission at source, reducing your carbon footprint and improving your environmental credentials. You can cut your carbon emissions even further by using green energy sources where available or start to generate and use your own power. Getting an electrically powered terminal tractor is only the start of your eco-efficient journey. And we will be with you every step of the way.

Does your warranty extend to batteries and chargers?

All Kalmar Ottawa Electric Terminal Tractors come with a standard 2 year/6000 hour warranty and a 7 year/10,000 hour warranty for the frame. Charging solutions are covered for 2 years and batteries for up to 5 years. Kalmar also offers a full range of service packages and genuine parts to keep your terminal tractor operating optimally, minimising downtime and maximising availability levels.

What is the difference between a Terminal Tractor, Yard Truck Shunt Truck or RoRo Tractor?

Yard Trucks, Shunt Trucks, RoRo Tractors and Terminal Tractors are exactly the same machine used for cargo handling at ferry terminals (RoRo), ports and terminals and industrial facilities. These are just the different names that are used in different parts of the world. At Kalmar we refer to them as Kalmar Terminal Tractors globally.