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Ottawa T2E electric terminal tractor.

Our Electric Terminal Tractor is clean, green and highly efficient. They produce less noise, fumes and emissions, making them safer and healthier for your drivers to operate and ideal for use indoors or out. With less moving parts and an intuitive diagnostics system, servicing will take less time, cost less and help to improve your machine uptime. Isn’t it time you joined the electric revolution?


Technical info T2E Specifications
Wheel base (inches)
6 speed Automated Transmission
(1) 12 Volt Maintenance Free “System Start” Group 31 132 kWh (3 box) Lithium Ion Batteries
Front: Meritor FF-961, 12,000 lb rated steer axle Rear: Meritor RS-24-160, 30,000 lb. rated 7.17:1 ratio
Power Control
Integrated 170 kW / 70 kW onboard motor inverter / battery charger unit

Lead the charge.

Using clean fuel sources like electricity to power your equipment is the way of the future and will help you meet any future legislative requirements.

You will also benefit from:

Switching to electricity as a fuel source will dramatically cut your fuel costs, saving you money day in and day out.

With less maintenance, higher availability rates, and an improved driver experience, your operator will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity.

By combining opportunity charging during breaks and shift changes with bulk charging during downtime, the tractor can operate for up to three shifts a day without compromising its operational efficiency.


Reducing your carbon footprint and providing a healthier work environment with less noise and fumes will help to enhance your environmental reputation.

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Safer, more comfortable, and more productive.

Easier to control.

An electric machine operates differently from a traditional diesel-fueled terminal tractor. Your acceleration will be smoother, with more power in the top end, improving your drivers’ control.

Safer to operate.

With non-slip access points and safety rails, you can access the machine safely. Your drivers will also benefit from greater visibility with the elimination of the exhaust stack.

More comfortable.

With an ergonomically designed cabin and a highly effective climate control system, your drivers will be more comfortable and able to operate more effectively.

Technology you can trust.

Powered with a lithium ion battery pack and fitted with its own on-board inverter, you can recharge your batteries quickly without having to remove them.

Monitor your batteries.

Your tractor is fitted with an advanced battery monitoring system, so you can see minute-to-minute charge levels and exactly when you need to recharge your batteries.