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Shuttle Carriers

The fastest way from ship to stack.

Kalmar shuttle carriers improve terminal throughput by decoupling ship-to-shore and yard operations. Shuttle carriers are the ideal horizontal transportation method for terminals designed around automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) or manual or automated rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs).

With a shuttle carrier system, container handover doesn't require a crane and a carrier to be present at the same time. Instead, cranes can ground containers in buffer areas rather than waste valuable time positioning them on trailers or automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

All our shuttle carrier models are designed to help you improve terminal productivity, cut costs and increase safety.

FastCharge™ Shuttle Carrier

Kalmar FastCharge™ Shuttle Carrier

Cut emissions and eliminate the need for battery swapping with a cost-efficient, safe and scalable charging solution.


Kalmar AutoShuttle™

Make your horizontal operations safer, more sustainable and efficient by automating the picking, carrying and stacking of containers.

Hybrid Shuttle Carrier

Kalmar Hybrid Shuttle Carrier

Cut fuel consumption and improve the sustainability of your operations with the world’s first truly hybrid shuttle carrier.

Shuttle Carrier

Kalmar Shuttle Carrier

Achieve high performance, excellent fuel efficiency, low noise, and be automation-ready.