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Kalmar Classic RTG

The Kalmar Classic RTG combines the best of diesel and electric technology for fuel savings, low emissions and easy maintenance. At 1,000 hours, it has one of the longest maintenance interval in the industry. Its modular design makes it easy to tailor to your specific requirements. You can achieve even greater fuel economy and lower emissions with the optional variable speed generator.

Performance with lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The Kalmar Classic RTG features a low-emission diesel power train and an all-electric trolley, wheel turning and spreader. Because it uses no hydraulics, servicing is straightforward and there are fewer components to inspect and maintain. What’s more, we believe that the maintenance interval of 1,000 hours is one of the longest in the industry. Thanks to its modular design, the Kalmar Classic RTG can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your terminal operations.

You can make even greater savings in fuel consumption and emissions with the optional variable speed generator (VSG), which automatically optimises the RPMs according to the required power. This innovative technology can cut fuel consumption ranging from 17 per cent to up to 33 per cent on an annual basis, compared to most of the other RTGs on the market.

Technical info E-One2 RTG Specifications
Hoisting speed
58 m/min., 5 s
Trolley speed
70 m/min., 4 s
Gantry speed
130 m/min., 8 s
Safe working load SWL
41 t

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam’s largest container terminal operator, relies on Kalmar Zero Emission rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) to provide the capacity and environmental performance it needs.

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OPA, Port of Oslo

The world’s most advanced RTG crane automation takes efficiency to a new level at Norway’s largest freight port

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