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Electric empty container handler.


Be the first to reap the rewards.

With rising fuel costs and tougher emissions standards, you need an eco-efficient solution that will address these issues head-on. The Kalmar all-electric Empty Container Handler ECG70-35E3/E4, the first of its kind available, will lower your fuel costs and help you exceed emissions standards today and in the future, without compromising on operational power. With the ability to stack up to 4 high and a choice of battery technologies, you will get a clean lift every time.

A clean lift every time.


Good for the environment, great for the bottom line.

The all-electric Kalmar Empty Container Handler will have a positive impact on your business. Even though the initial purchase price may be a little higher than traditionally powered machines, it will soon pay for itself, making its total cost of ownership lower over the lifetime of the machine. Making it as good for your bottom line as it is for the environment.


Feel more in control.

Electrically powered Empty Container Handlers are easier and safer to control. Your drivers will benefit from instant, smooth acceleration and the ability to slow down immediately by just taking their foot off the speed pedal. This is much safer than hard braking and helps reduce the wear and tear on tyres and the machine’s braking system.


A better driving experience all round.

All our electric empty container handlers have our ergonomically designed EGO cabin fitted as standard. With fully adjustable control panels, steering wheel and seat, your drivers will be happier and more comfortable. The slim B pillars provide exceptional level visibility, making the machine safer to operate, especially in busy environments.


A choice of battery technology.

Kalmar offers two different types of battery technology to power your new electric empty container handler, either Lead Acid or Lithium-Ion. Lead-Acid batteries can be used effectively over a single 8 hour shift, where Lithium-Ion batteries can be used for continuous operations if they are opportunity charged during the work cycle.


All the support you need.

Kalmar Lifetime Services ensures that your operations work at an optimal level with a high degree of financial predictability. Our dedicated service teams, in over 100 countries, will help support and maintain your business. With us, you get a committed partner who is focused on your equipment availability and realising the full value of your investment.

Reduce your fuel costs.

As electricity costs less than diesel fuel, your fuel bills will be immediately reduced the moment you start operating your new electrically powered empty container handler.


Meet and exceed emissions standards.

Being fully electric, you will also cut other emissions like NOx, SOx and other particulates, giving you a cleaner, greener machine to operate.


Cheaper and easier to maintain.

Electrically powered machines benefit from less moving parts and much lower rates of wear and tear than diesel powered machines, lowering your maintenance costs and effort.


Quieter to operate.

Our electric empty container handler is very quiet to operate, making it better for your drivers and ideal for operating in built up areas where excessive noise may be a concern.


Easier on your drivers.

Electrically powered machines are easier to drive. They provide a much smoother driving experience and vibrate less, which will reduce the stress and strain on your drivers’ bodies.


Proven technology.

Built on our common platform you will benefit from proven technology that is already powering our forklifts.


Three different drive modes.

There are three different performance modes to choose from: Power, Normal and Economy. With Economy reducing your power consumption by 15%.


Optimise performance with Kalmar Insight.

Kalmar Insight comes fitted in all new Kalmar machines and gives you an overview of your daily operations based on your equipment’s status and performance. Making it easier for you to improve your equipment’s performance.