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Kalmar genuine spare parts for reachstackers or container lifters.

Buy Kalmar Spare Parts for your reachstacker or container handler through our web store or find your local parts dealer.

Keep moving with Kalmar Spare Parts for reachstackers and container lifters.

We offer an extensive range of spare parts including, servicing kits, filters and wheels for your Kalmar Reachstacker or Container Lifter that can be bought through our on-line web store, MyParts or through our global dealer network, find your local dealer here.

Why should I buy Kalmar spare parts for my reachstacker?

All of Kalmar’s spare parts are designed specifically for each individual reachstacker or container handler and must meet both Kalmar’s and the original parts manufacturer’s exacting standard. This ensures that the spare part you purchase from Kalmar will do the job it is required to do without compromising the operational efficiency of your equipment.

Ordering your reachstackers spare parts on-line is easy with MyParts.

Once you are registered to access the MyParts web store – ordering and purchasing your reachstacker or container lifters spare parts is easy, saving you time and money as all your spare parts ordering can now be managed in one place.

MyParts has many other benefits beyond buying your spare parts online:

  • Search and find your spare parts with your parts’ reference number
  • Find your parts’ serial number in your equipment’s parts digital catalogue
  • Check parts availability 24/7
  • Use the quick order functionality if you know your part’s number or are re-ordering the same part. Or go through the standard ordering process once you have identified the correct part’s serial number
  • Share your spare parts order with other team members to add to or validate your order
  • Track your spare parts order so you know exactly when it will arrive with our fast and reliable global delivery service
  • Import your spare parts order information into other systems to avoid double data entry.


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