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Reverse warning system

Increase your safety levels today.

When your staff are working side by side with moving vehicles, there is always a safety risk, as well as an increase in the risk of damaging other objects when reversing with limited visibility. To increase personnel safety and minimize damage to other objects, a Kalmar reverse warning system should be fitted to your equipment. This system will provide your drivers with a full picture of what’s going on behind them, enabling them to operate their equipment with greater control, thereby increasing safety levels and minimizing damage to other objects.

Increase your operational safety levels.

When equipment is reversing with limited visibility, there is an increased safety risk to personnel and other objects.

The Kalmar Reverse Warning System provides your drivers with a full picture of what’s going on behind the vehicle. By giving the driver greater control while reversing, the system increases safety levels and minimizes the risk of damage to other objects.

The Kalmar Reverse Warning System can be fitted to any Kalmar empty container handler, forklift truck, or reachstacker, as well as to most other brands of these types of vehicles.

How does it work?

The Kalmar Reverse Warning System cleverly combines an active camera with ultrasound detection sensors that work in all weather conditions and even in the dark. This system feeds information to an in-cabin display that warns the driver about any potential obstructions behind the vehicle while maneuvering.

A combination of optical monitoring and alert signals for three adjustable warning zones ensures that your drivers stay safely in control while reversing.

Additional sensors and a camera can be added to the front of the machine if greater in-cabin visibility is required.

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