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Automatic stacking crane system

Ready to run, ready for the future.

The Kalmar ASC System delivers significant benefits for your business today, and will also help you prepare a complete end-to-end automation solution for the future.

With Kalmar’s unique pre-integration capabilities, you will be able to optimise both your space utilisation and container capacity from day one of operations at a greenfield site. The system can also be introduced to existing terminals one stack at a time, so your day-to-day operations are not disrupted.

End-to-end efficiency.

You can build a fully automated container terminal with the latest Kalmar ASC system at its heart. By adding Kalmar AutoShuttles™ to move containers between the quay and stacks, and Kalmar Automated Truck Handling System on the land side, you will have a complete automated solution that will operate in a safe and efficient manner.


Built with purpose.

Our Automated Stacking Cranes are purpose-built from the ground up, with every detail designed to deliver an efficient and reliable crane that can operate 24/7. With an optimised lightweight frame, you can expect reduced operational and infrastructure costs without compromising on the crane’s structural integrity.

Automated truck handling

Automated Truck Handling

Take the automated yard one step further by automating your landside operation.

DP World London Gateway

Kalmar automation solutions are at the heart of DP World London Gateway. With a final annual capacity of 3.5 million TEU, it focuses on automation to deliver optimum productivity and reduced operational costs.

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DP World Brisbane

DP World and Kalmar’s cooperation has made the Port of Brisbane one of the most highly automated facilities in the world. Automation will enable an increase in the terminal’s annual capacity, from 600,000 to 900,000 TEU, as well as improved customer service.

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TraPac, USA

With the combination of different automation technologies and customization based on terminal layout, Kalmar ensured space is used effectively and capacity is optimised at TraPac.

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HHLA, CTB, Germany

The oldest and largest container terminal in Hamburg stays in the lead by doubling capacity while keeping the same footprint.

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