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Kalmar FastCharge™ AGV

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are fully automated machines that move containers seamlessly between your quayside and your stack. They have an electric power system which is highly eco-efficient and can be charged quickly while in operation, eliminating the need for battery swapping.

Extend your choice.

With nearly 20 years of experience in delivering fully automated solutions to container terminals globally, the Kalmar FastCharge™ AGV is built on a proven automation platform that you can rely on. Constructed on an optimised steel platform that can handle loads of up to 70 tonnes, they are powered by an eco-efficient electric power system which can be quickly recharged through strategically located FastCharge™ stations while in operation, making them easier and more cost-effective to maintain and run than traditional diesel-powered machines.

Easy to integrate.

Our new FastCharge AGVs can be easily integrated into your existing operational model and are a very effective way to start automating the movement of containers between your quayside and your stack.

You can choose from an integrated turnkey solution or take advantage of Kalmar Key, which enables you to integrate the Kalmar TLS into your current terminal operating system through a series of open application APIs.

Safe to operate.

The AGVs navigation system is easily configurable and can operate across a mixed fleet of machines from different manufacturers. With non-slip access points and top surface, your staff can access the machine safely, while a laser-based anti-collision system, collapsible bumpers and emergency stop button will help handle unexpected events.

Reduce emissions, reduce costs.

Our AGVs feature an electric power system which produces zero emissions at source and very little noise or light pollution when in operation. They come standard with a regenerative energy system and can be charged quickly while in operation.

Electricity is not only a cleaner fuel source than diesel, it is cheaper, which will help you reduce your operating costs from day one.