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Material handling

Regardless of what you’re handling, keeping your business moving requires reliable and rapid transfer of materials to the next stage of the production or supply chain. Our offering covers virtually any application across a huge range of industries, including paper and pulp, metal, and wind power.
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Logistics and distribution

Distribution is all about speed – fast duty cycles are your top priority. Kalmar distribution tractors are designed specifically for effective, efficient operation in terminal surroundings, and are based on our decades of experience as the leader in terminal tractor solutions.
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Roll-on, roll-off terminals

With more than 4,500 machines in operation today, Kalmar is the industry’s most trusted RoRo equipment brand. Our solutions for RoRo terminals are designed to keep you on track whatever the weather. We can also provide customized RoRo solutions for your specific requirements. 
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Container terminals

Our solutions for container handling are recognized internationally as the industry benchmark for energy efficiency, reliability, and operational lifetime cost. Our offering covers the full range of container-handling applications.
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