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Kalmar SmartRail

Improve safety and efficiency by automated steering for RTGs

Kalmar SmartRail is an automated gantry steering solution for RTGs that improves safety and operator performance.

Automated steering allows the operator to concentrate fully on driving the trolley and picking and placing containers.

Leading automated steering solution for RTGs

SmartRail combines DGPS technology, or alternatively laser technology relative to stationary objects (busbar), and onboard sensors to create a virtual rail, enabling real-time positioning and highly accurate steering.

If the RTG deviates from the virtual rail, the driving speed is reduced by 50 per cent. If the deviation becomes too large, the RTG automatically stops. Kalmar's solution only requires a single DGPS antenna, while still ensuring the required driving accuracy.

With over 700 successful installations globally, SmartRail is the leading automated steering solution for RTGs.

Features and options


  • Increased RTG efficiency

  • Reduced risk of stack collisions

  • Improved safety


  • Spreader auto trolley and hoist

  • Spreader container anti-collision


  • Automated gantry steering


  • Kalmar onboard processor

  • DGPS

  • RTG control via PLC

TraPac, USA

With the combination of different automation technologies and customization based on terminal layout, Kalmar ensured space is used effectively and capacity is optimised at TraPac.

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Malta Freeport

Malta Freeport Terminals’ 189 million euro investment program has resulted in its increasing popularity as a Mediterranean transshipment hub. The port relies on Kalmar SmartPath to maximize the efficiency of its terminal tractor operations.

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DP World London Gateway

Kalmar automation solutions are at the heart of DP World London Gateway. With a final annual capacity of 3.5 million TEU, it focuses on automation to deliver optimum productivity and reduced operational costs.

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DP World Brisbane

DP World and Kalmar’s cooperation has made the Port of Brisbane one of the most highly automated facilities in the world. Automation will enable an increase in the terminal’s annual capacity, from 600,000 to 900,000 TEU, as well as improved customer service.

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