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Kalmar SmartPort Automation

Kalmar SmartPort solutions drive greater efficiencies through process, which results in lower overall operational costs, improved safety and better equipment availability. Automation also makes your operations more consistent, predictable and reliable. As the forerunner in port automation, Kalmar offers a wide range of solutions, including process automation and automated container handling systems.

The right choice for any terminal type 

With Kalmar SmartPort you can’t go wrong. Our integrated process automation solutions meet the needs of all types of terminals. Whether you’re setting up operations from scratch at a greenfield terminal or introducing automation at a brownfield terminal, SmartPort can support you.

Kalmar’s process automation solutions capture data at the first opportunity and make it available in the right place at the right time. When you optimize the flow of information and eliminate human input and associated errors, the few seconds you save per move add up to significant annual savings, with an ROI of less than a year being entirely possible.

Process automation solutions can increase efficiency at terminals featuring manual or automated operations. When you choose Kalmar you’re choosing the industry’s most trusted innovator. We were the first to introduce automated stacking cranes (Europe Combined Terminal, Rotterdam, 1991), automated straddle carriers (Patrick Terminal, Brisbane, 2005) and automated RTGs (Port of Oslo, 2014).

Kalmar SmartPort gives you the flexibility to choose the products and services that best fit your operational needs.

Kalmar SmartTrucks 

Automatically identifies and tracks truck movements around the yard for added security, safety and a smoother and more efficient flow.

Kalmar SmartQuay

Improves safety and efficiency of vessel operations by automatically recognizing and registering each container as loaded or discharged.

Kalmar SmartLane 

Automatically registers containers at the terminal gates so you can decrease the average truck turn around times.

Kalmar SmartFleet

Remotely monitors your equipment so you can increase its availability thereby, providing you with optimal equipment efficiency at all times.

Kalmar SmartLift

Increases RTG operator productivity and system efficiency by automating the handoff between RTGs and terminal tractors or trucks.

Kalmar SmartStack

Through real time automated inventory reporting and management you will never have to waste time searching for your containers.

Kalmar SmartPath

Increases equipment utilization rates through position dependent order assignment, ensuring the right equipment for each job.

Kalmar SmartRail

Improves safety and enhances the movement of your RTG’s and overall driver performance through automated gantry steering.