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Optimize your performance every day

OneTerminal provides an integrated automation solution, delivered by one team, which brings together Kalmar and Navis software systems, equipment, and services for seamless deployment.

No matter whether you are automating a greenfield site or an existing one, OneTerminal will help you realize your investments sooner and help ensure that your terminal performance is optimized for both today and tomorrow. Combined with Kalmar’s superior service, you can expect dedicated operational support throughout the lifetime of your terminal.

With one key contact and one core team, OneTerminal makes automation accessible, mitigates the risks involved, and helps you realize the full potential of your terminal operations.

Response to industry challenge

With the port industry on the verge of the next big wave of automation, Kalmar and Navis are leading this transformation in addressing the challenges the industry is facing. OneTerminal provides seamless integration of the technologies that enable three field-proven automated terminal concepts. It is an integrated offering and an approach by which the experience and expertise of Kalmar and Navis are applied in partnership with you to help realize your potential. A full range of services In addition to providing a complete package of equipment and software, OneTerminal also covers a range of services to ensure successful deployment and operations. Project delivery services ensure a smooth commencement of operations, while a range of equipment services and software services bring you the assurance of the long-term commitment from Kalmar after deployment. A Continuous Improvement Program, coupled with Kalmar’s Performance Based Contracting model, enables OneTerminal customers to partner with Kalmar to maintain the desired operational performance and equipment availability.

ASC terminal

End-to-end automation from water- to landside is possible through the combination of Kalmar ASCs, AutoShuttles, and automated truck handling. The solutions improve the efficiency of operations, space, and energy consumption by ensuring predictable and sustainable performance. The combination of ASCs and AutoShuttles is easily scalable, helping you maintain high waterside productivity and ensuring that capacity can be increased in phases. For brownfield terminals, the space freed up could be used for an expansion of the stacking area, enabling you to increase operational income. The solution helps you avoid unexpected interruptions that impact productivity and profitability.

AutoRTG terminal

Rubber-tire gantry cranes (RTGs) are the most popular equipment for container stacking at terminals around the world, especially where high-capacity stacking and good maneuverability are key requirements. To drive greater operator safety and efficiency, your existing RTGs can now be automated, enabling them to be safely managed remotely and at an operator ratio of 1:3 for exception handling. The AutoRTG is a great solution for both medium-sized and larger terminals. In addition to automating the RTG, you can make operations even safer by introducing automated shuttle carriers to remove the need for people to be in the handling lane under the crane.

AutoStrad terminal

AutoStrad operations are typically suitable for small and medium-sized terminals. Its realization can be simple, low-risk, and achieved within a relatively short time frame. Only a single piece of equipment is required for the automation of your quay, stack, and landside operations. You can convert from a manual to an automated straddle carrier terminal without any temporary drop in capacity and throughput. The AutoStrad navigates based on virtual routes with 2 cm accuracy, providing unmatched reliability and flexibility. In combination with the ability to simply deposit a box on the ground, decoupling the duty cycles of quay and yard cranes, and enabling the building of buffer stacks behind the crane, the flexibility of the technology moves you ahead. This intelligent technology makes the AutoStrad the most flexible way to realize your automated terminal.