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Kalmar AutoRTG Terminal

New degrees of freedom

Rubber-tire gantry (RTG) cranes are the most popular equipment choice for container stacking at terminals around the world, especially where high-capacity stacking and good maneuverability are key requirements. How far you take automation will depend on your application requirements, and at Kalmar we give you the freedom to choose the mix that’s right for you, from fully manual to semi-automated or fully automated. Kalmar RTGs are the most efficient on the market in terms of both performance and energy consumption. We offer traditional, hybrid and electric models, as well as horizontal transportation automation with the Kalmar AutoShuttle™.

Safety first

RTGs combine high stacking density with excellent maneuverability, making them a great fit for both medium-sized and larger terminals. Although RTGs are usually fed by terminal tractors, it is also possible to use the Kalmar AutoShuttle for horizontal transportation between the quay and the stack. By automating horizontal transportation, you can make operations safer by removing the need for people to be in the handling lane under the crane.


Terminal conversion

Although automation is more straightforward at greenfield terminals, it is possible to convert existing – or brownfield – terminals to partial or full automation.

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Kalmar’s equipment control system TLS enables automated positioning for RTGs. The system guides the hoist to its next position, with the driver manually feeding in commands in semi-automated mode. Safety can be further improved with automated gantry steering, anti-truck lifting (which prevents a locked chassis from being accidentally lifted), and stack profiling (which eliminates the risk of containers being accidentally knocked off the stack).

All Kalmar RTG models have an industry-leading maintenance interval of 1,000 hours for both crane and engine


Patrick Brisbane, Australia

Automation is a key competitive advantage for Patrick’s container terminal at the Port of Brisbane, Australia.

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HHLA, CTB, Germany

The oldest and largest container terminal in Hamburg stays in the lead by doubling capacity while keeping the same footprint.

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Europe Container Terminals (ECT)

European Container Terminals operates 13 Kalmar reachstackers and four empty container handlers at its inland terminals, covered by a five-year maintenance agreement. The equipment provides high lifting capacity and superior environmental performance

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