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Kalmar One Automation System

Automation redefined. In today's highly competitive world, we have got to be better at everything we do, every day. Be more efficient, maintain the highest levels of safety, and reduce carbon emissions by becoming more eco-efficient.

Kalmar One can help you take on these challenges. It is a flexible and scalable open automation system for ports and terminals, which will enable you to streamline and automate your operations with proven functions and well-established processes. As a standardized open system that is applicable to all equipment types, it is quicker, easier, and more cost effective to deploy, enabling you to benefit from your investment sooner.

Delivering on your ambition.

With its extensive portfolio of products and tools, Kalmar One can fully support your automation ambitions, no matter at which level you choose to start your automation journey. There are six product families and a full range of tools that can be utilized to realize your ambition.

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Choosing the right level of automation for your port or terminal depends on your business objectives and needs. Kalmar One offers five different levels. You may choose to start with process automation or operator-assisted moves, in which some moves and processes are automated and the rest are manually controlled and monitored by your operators. At higher levels of automation, your equipment will be able to execute all moves automatically, without an operator. An operator will still be required to oversee the operations and handle exceptions. Sign in to the Kalmar Key Partner Forum to learn more >>   Lifetime support. Kalmar One, including any future operational or system changes, will be fully supported throughout its lifetime. This ensures that you will always have the support you need to stay in control of your automation journey. 

Automated Straddle terminal

With only a single piece of equipment required for the automation of your quay, stack and landside operations, realizing an automated straddle terminal can be simple, low-risk and achieved within a short timeframe.

ASC terminal

Automated stacking cranes enable the highest possible capacity and stacking density. The ASC terminal optimizes throughput and stack footprint.

AutoRTG terminal

Rubber-tire gantry (RTG) cranes are the most popular equipment choice for container stacking at terminals around the world, especially where high-capacity stacking and good maneuverability are key requirements.

Terminal conversion

Although automation is more straightforward at greenfield terminals, it is possible to convert existing – or brownfield – terminals to partial or full automation.  

Patrick Brisbane, Australia

Automation is a key competitive advantage for Patrick’s container terminal at the Port of Brisbane, Australia.

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HHLA, CTB, Germany

The oldest and largest container terminal in Hamburg stays in the lead by doubling capacity while keeping the same footprint.

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Europe Container Terminals (ECT)

European Container Terminals operates 13 Kalmar reachstackers and four empty container handlers at its inland terminals, covered by a five-year maintenance agreement. The equipment provides high lifting capacity and superior environmental performance

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